We all have Baggage…..

…. and for the first time in a very long time mine is neatly stowed in the overhead racks… Not on a plane, but on the old trains with the cool brass and wire racks….

Old suitcases are getting harder to find, or at least the 30s and 40s ones are… But these 50s ones are still being ignored by most… So $5 for the pair, and I have some seriously solid under bed storage… Yes I could have paid over $20 for a plastic tub to go under the bed from a chain store… but these work even better… its almost like they were made to store clothes in 😉

Fully lined and even has places for my delicates… well if I had frilly things i could put them in those nifty frilly thing holders……..

The big red one will most likely end up under my daughter’s bed, filled with toys…. and pretty girl things….




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9 thoughts on “We all have Baggage…..

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    love that kind of baggage!

  2. What a great idea! I need to search for some of these in our local thrift stores. I’m guessing the quality of these is better than a plastic tub, right?

  3. Claire C says:

    Those are great cases. Amazing you got them both for $5 – what a bargain! I bought a vanity case last week and it’s half the size, and cost me £5. You’ve got a steal there.

  4. reretro says:

    yeah…and they double as suitcases when the need arises! i have just come back from a short trip- i use a vintage leather bowling bag as an overnight case…fits in the overhead locker of a plane- and is so much nicer than modern cases.

  5. urban rustic says:

    Agreed. I have some awesome blue ones from about that era too. Love them. The red is rad!

  6. LOVE that red one! Even though me and suitcases have a love/hate relationship, that one is saucy and so amazing I don’t think I have ever come across a red one.

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