Words, Pictures and Music and….

Dance like no one is watching they say… Not sure if the fact that I dance when I am sure no one is watching says… but these days I can dance in front of the cat for practice… The 2nd full day of not smoking… even with the temptation of finding half a packet of cigarettes in a jacket pockets while I was cleaning…. I stared at them for a minute, before taking them to the kitchen sink and filling the pack with water…. Bring on day 3….

My continued mission to get my life back on track continues, obsessive cleaning, cooking and creating… It is all very two steps forward and dodge to the left to avoid the right cross at the moment….

Actually I am not that worried… I am less crazy than my cat…. and my cat is very sane (relatively speaking)… I am starting to think I have found religion, some kind of cat worshiping religion, that a less lazy blogger would google the name of….

This seems like a fairly good set of commandments for a pet based religion? possibly the replaced saucer of milk with cup of tea to get people in?

In the theme of pet based living, I am starting some pet/alice/girl paintings on board…

And I have moved more chairs around for my cat to sit in…. That should win me a place in cat heaven…

I am sure the lack of stimulants is making me a bit goofy…. but I have been sleeping well… and it seems like years since I slept well….. So day 3 must be easier…. right???

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