Fate is my Co-Pilot…..

…and doubly so when it comes to decorating… I never really set out with something in mind when I hit the op-shops and garage sales… I just go in with open eyes… Today I bought a kitchen utensil holder… I mention this because I am not the type of person that sets out to buy a set of anything, and defiantly not a set of kitchen accessories… but I seem to be collecting a matched set…

If this group was purchased in one go it would not rate a mention…. but it has been purchased in three separate cities (and two states)…. I have not even bothered to research the manufacturer, or the items in this range… It has become more about the experimental luck/fate research… How many pieces can I find without trying and in what ways…. For those that need to know it is Pearsons of Chesterfield…

I hope they made a string holder…


3 thoughts on “Fate is my Co-Pilot…..

  1. urban rustic says:

    These are so funny. I have heaps of them too, even one called Cooks Nips. Though I’ve not seen a string holder. I like the stencil typography and how bossy they are. I bet you see them everywhere now you’ve started…Not to be too opportunistic but if you want to see what else is out there, http://urbanrusticblog.com/category/i-am-what-i-am/. Actually checking this link I realized I need to update mine as somewhere I have a crazy horse in a panama hat bottle and oil and cooking wine. Incidentally how much did you pay for the celery one? Ive seen that in an shop here for $15! Its been sitting there a while…

  2. inkomplete says:

    I love the cooks nips one 😉 I paid $4 for the celery one…. $1 each for the others… I am keeping my eye out for the dripping one, it has a pig on it 🙂

  3. urban rustic says:

    I’d like that one too. Greasy pig? hell yeah!

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