Top and Tails….

It must be spring clean season in town…. the op-shops that have been dead for months are starting to have some new (old) items turning up…

A wonderfully beaten up old spinning top…. all wood and tin and hand painted stripes…

A very large piece of vintage fabric…. destined for bunting I think….

A pair of wonderfully crusty Sebel Stacking theater chairs…. I am amazed at how many of these I find…

and of course old suitcases, the larger one will be great in my daughters room… winter coat storage time… an the small one was filled with vintage stamps and stamp books… so I will be searching through that soon to see if there is some rare stamp that will fund my next car purchase, probably not, but it is nice to dream…

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2 thoughts on “Top and Tails….

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    uh, i, too, am amazed at how many of those sebel chairs you find! that’s a cool top.

  2. reretro says:

    i love the spinning top. vintage tin toys are very collectible. and lovely to have!

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