A Few Fun Things for a Monday…

A quick visit to the local thrift store on the way to class…. Some good timing saw me arrive just as they were putting out the weekend donations…

Yet another typewriter…. but next market season I will be able to sell every one I find so it was a must grab for $2… Everything else I bought came to $10… so it was a bargain day…

A big box of board games… this was the pick of the bunch… the rest however a quite playable (Scrabble, dominoes etc) and will keep the kids amused for 30 seconds on the weekend…

Some Vintage plastic model kits… all still sealed inside… easy to move and easy to store…

And this super colourful 60s Needlepoint, not sure what to do with it… maybe a cushion?

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2 thoughts on “A Few Fun Things for a Monday…

  1. reretro says:

    yep, that typewriter was a beauty!

  2. Claire C says:

    Well done on the typewriter. That’s a steal! Also loving the 60s needlepoint. It’s ripe for cushioning 🙂

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