From the Shed Friday….

A wonderful day today… all problems set aside by a day of distraction… first a morning spent at the getting some filling without any medication at all… that makes a tattoo feel like a tickle… but it is faster and you dont spend the day with a numb face… and it makes shades of grey a joke… there arent any shades of white-hot pain…

… I followed that up with the reclamation of my daughter’s room… From winter mess storage to fresh spring perfection… A sense of achievement, reinforced by a happy little girl, who has been playing in her new clean room for 2 hours straight…

So the shed search was a quick one today… A 1960s military flight suit… Teamed with some vintage aviators it makes the perfect last-minute costume… I feel the need, the need to quote 80s movies…

The other item was in  the same box…. vintage telephone linesman test phone… I am sure these were not ment to fall into public hands… So it is a cool but useless item to own…

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2 thoughts on “From the Shed Friday….

  1. reretro says:

    the linesman phone is beautiful – a wonderful object in it’s leather case. i’m betting that’s bakelite…i love bakelite phones!

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