Sublime & Ridiculous…

It has been a crazy few days…. I have not been slacking off, just so busy it is scary… I will make some catch-up posts soon…

Today after class I managed to hit a few thrift shops, and bought two items… At opposite ends of the cool spectrum… First the ridiculous..

A giant silver plated peanut… gilded in gold inside… how could you not buy it?

And the sublime end of the cool scale….

Old post office sorting holes…. weighs a lot… it would have had those nifty post box fronts in the other side originally.. but unfortunately those are long gone… however i am sure with a good clean up and maybe a wooden base or wheels I think it will be great…

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6 thoughts on “Sublime & Ridiculous…

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    okaaaaaaaay. i LOVE cubbies. that’s an awesome find. can’t wait to see it fixed up and in use. the peanut on the other hand, uh, that’s so ridiculous and i can’t believe you went for it! 😀

  2. urban rustic says:

    I like the peanut. Its one of my favourite terms of endearment when my kids are being silly. How big is it? Love the pigeon holes too. Good scores.

  3. reretro says:

    the pigeon holes are great. put them on castors so you can easily move them about- terrific anywhere – office, kitchen, living room.

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