Never on a Sunday…..

One of the many reasons that I have been blog-tardy is Sunday…… On Sunday I asked my dad to babysitt for an hour or two, while I attended a friends engadgment lunch in a local park…. I am not sure if I am off my game lately, or self-involvment and drama has dulled my inner sherlock…. but…. the engadment turned out to be a surprise wedding… kind of the oppisette of a surprise birthday party… The guests were the confused ones… Which was kind of cool…

It is hard to feel like the world is too dark a place when things like this happen… My oldest friend and her man got married,  I am sure will make a great team and do the whole brady bunch thing….

It was all very touching, and me without sunglasses to hide a tear or two…

It was all very lovely, and I was only forced to stifle a giggle once,when  the celebrant mentioned angel blessings 🙂

So a very quick trip back home to tell my unimpressed babysitter that the 1 hour lunch, was now a several hour surprise wedding… I got off easily compared to some, I heard a couple of panicked phone calls being made, in the hopes of understanding bosses giving the afternoon off at very short notice…

… But I think all was forgiven over food and drinks at the church bar… It was a great day… There should be more of that kind of that thing in the world….


One thought on “Never on a Sunday…..

  1. twistnpout says:

    I have never heard of a surprise wedding. that is actually kind of cool.

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