50 Shades of Grey Challenge….

No!!!! nothing to do with that!!! and don’t get me started on my rant about that book, or twilight or crouching tiger hidden dragon and the matrix!!! (its all the same rant) though the Shades of Grey rant includes a quote from the movie The Incredibles, which is very insightful and witty 😉

This is a new 21 Day challenge that involves 2hrs of pencil sketching a day, not finished drawings, just practice and more practice… I was surprised with the progress I was making just with a bit of extra time and classes… So this 2 hours a day will be on top of that… If it was a 80s movie there would be a montage and eye of the tiger playing.. but however as it isn’t an 80s movie I will be required to serve out my time in the old fashioned way… I have put in 20mins so far this morning, so back to it!!!

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