Hermes Oranges and Sunburst Lemons….

During the overhaul of my house, a few pieces of furniture are in limbo…. One day they are in the next, out…. The sebel stack-a-bye chairs are in the limbo basket at the moment, and I am testing paint schemes to see if they make it out….

a light coat of orange, but I am not feeling it…. I will finish doing it properly, but for the dining room I am leaning towards the yellow…

The idea of eight yellow chairs around the dining table appeals… The orange really pops, but it would be a difficult road to get the orange to work with the house… So I will take the cowards path and go yellow…..

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4 thoughts on “Hermes Oranges and Sunburst Lemons….

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    those are pretty great.

    • inkomplete says:

      now that I have the final coats on a couple the orange is growing on me…. I may do 4 orange, 4 yellow, 4 white and maybe a couple of red….

      • ScrapAndSalvage says:

        okay. i was gonna say i was kinda partial to the orange, but didn’t want to wreck your decision. i like your plan of mixing it up to several colors. fab!

      • inkomplete says:

        🙂 I went a bit early on dismissing the orange… Once it had its final coat the colour really popped… A lesson I should already know, wait till you see the finished item before making a decision.

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