Things that you go Hmmmmm……

Talk about a dreadful weekend…. Don’t mind if I do…. After a couple of weeks of being horribly unwell due to an infected tooth, I started to feel better for five minutes before having said tooth removed… That of course hurt like hell… So the second that stopped being excruciating, my weakened immune system decided it was a good time to hit me with a bout of food poisoning… So I spent my only weekend off, with my head in a bucket, and wishing the exercise my abs were receiving was less painful… currently wondering if it is possible to get a ripped six-pack from constant vomiting?

I dragged my pale and delicate self to school this morning…. Where I received a text from the ex-wife asking if I could go to school to deal with a school issue so she “didn’t have to take time of work”…. I did considerate it.. but I really do feel like crap, and her requests do seem to suggest that somehow my school is a bit of joke compared to her real work… and the fact I will have the kids while she is off at her important real work this week is not exactly making me keen to put myself further behind…

Home for lunch at the moment… well home for painkillers and fluids… I have a half-finished sculpture project due tomorrow… That is a currently half-finished project that needs to be a finished project by tomorrow a 3pm…. so after the kids return to the ex tonight, I will be spreading plastic sheets in the dining room and making paper mache mess…. art with primary school skills….

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2 thoughts on “Things that you go Hmmmmm……

  1. I’m glad you’re tooth is finally feeling better. Value is relative. I’ve never met anyone who has ever earned a buck that made them worth any more as a person. Money is a necessary evil that is fleeting. Creative thinking is intangible, but a valuable thing to pass on that last forever.

    • inkomplete says:

      Thanks 🙂 and I think you really hit a nail with me there… Been struggling with a status motivated ex for too long… I needed to know I wasn’t the only person that didn’t think $$$ made me worthy.

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