DIY Vintage Pigeon Holes for CD’s….

I hope one day I will find a decent supply of these tea boxes…. the idea of filling an entire wall with them appeals… but for now I have 12….

Glued and stapled together they become functional… but they are pale and new, and I don’t have the time to let them age for 20 years… A jar of very strong tea is brewing while I sand off the sharp edges, not carefull sanding, but rough and ready sanding that knocks out chunks….

Some coats of tea, slapped on liberally with an old paintbrush and dried in the sun… then a rub down with oil and a scouring pad… another quick bake in the sun, before buffing up the excess oil will some old rags….

….. Not sure if it will stay there, but I have become rather addicted to listening to music while I work… and sometimes the iTunes playlists are a bit restrictive… I tend to skip around playlists, but the CD tends to get played in full… I have even discovered some wonderful tracks that I never bothered putting into my regular playlists…. I think I like having all those little physical albums within reach….

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3 thoughts on “DIY Vintage Pigeon Holes for CD’s….

  1. reretro says:

    looks great- especially with the vintage map and phone…contrasting with the mac! lovely mix of old and new.

  2. so cool – a whole wall would be amazing!

  3. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    stellar idea! i love it. way to upcycle.

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