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Day 5 – Shades of Grey….

I was asked how I could just sit and draw for 2-3 hours a day? Isn’t it boring? This person works in a department store for 8hrs a day…. So I just said yes, very boring… and went back to drawing….

I am starting to think there is some merit to this practice thing… maybe that’s how people get better at things… who knew?

Tomorrow I have a life drawing class…. So that should be fun, I must remember to sharpen my pencil…

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Thrift Store Vintage Bike….

Random and unnecessary purchase of the day? Well in my case it is a vintage Bicycle….

Not sure why I couldn’t resist it? Maybe because you don’t often see mens bikes in this condition, women’s bikes tend to be looked after so you see quite a few still in good shape…


I would say it is 99% original, just a few bolts etc have been replaced… The paint is still in amazing shape, considering the age…

and the hand done pin-striping is very cool…. I am impressed the leather seat has survived….

Though I am not sure how the seat would hold up to riding any further than the corner shop… The stencilled insignia are almost auto-bot looking….

and the original reflector is still there too…

I am not really a bike guy, so if anyone knows how old the model etc please leave a comment, I would love to know more about it… It has a serial or model number…

It is a good deal lighter than I expected it to be, and it is a Speedwell…

I look forward to finding out some more about it….

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Day 3 – I don’t want to be JRR Tolkien…

When asked why he always drew his characters standing in long grass, Tolkien admitted it was because he wasn’t confident drawing feet…. (insert defeatist attitude joke here)… To avoid that I will be spending the day with a foot fetish looking A3 sketch book….

A few more pages of feet to go today… Trying to find a life model just for feet could be tricky, and drawing my own mountain troll like hooves is not appealing… Maybe I could buy some old playboys? not for the articles, just for the feet….

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50 Shades of Grey Challenge Day 2 – Hands….

Sunday and relaxing…. Liv ing in the past with movies today… Road to Hong Kong followed by Around the world in 80 days (the David Niven one)…. and now I am watching Total Recall (with Arnie)….

So I drew some hands as my sketching practice today…

I will draw another page tonight…. and tomorrow I may draw feet?

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50 Shades of Grey Challenge Day 1 – Take 2….

Ok I am going to start this one again… Totally derailed by outside influences… So two hours of Drawing in pencil started again today… still have about 30mins to go, but I will get back to it after the kids go to bed….

So for those who missed the original post and care… I am going to spend the next 21 days doing rough sketchs in pencil, no finnished pictures, just quick and rough (thats what she said)…. Mainly drawing figures since that is what needs the most work…

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