Somethings Gotta Give…..

Tonight I put the finishing touches on a University assignment…. I have spent quite a few hours on it over the last month, and it is probably an easy credit…. and I resented doing every minute of it…. I am enjoying the visual arts course so much that the university subjects just seem to be an unwelcome distraction from what I really want… so instead of submitting my assignment, I have submitted a request for leave from uni for the semester… I am not quite ready to give-up on the degree entirely, but I am getting far more out of the visual arts course than I thought I would…

…. I am pretty sure my time would be better spent learning to paint, and learning new skills than it would be attempting to bolster my social standing with pointless pieces of paper…

…. I would rather spend 8 hours a day drawing than an hour a day worrying about APA referencing and the word counts of essays… Much less stress inducing, and also I have noticed that I have been improving, I guess practice and instruction will do that… who knew?

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One thought on “Somethings Gotta Give…..

  1. Janine says:

    Good on you for doing that!! Love that you are putting your needs first e.g visual arts and lets face it you can pick up ya uni paper/degree later. I think it takes more courage to make that decision and follow through on it then to keep on doing something you resent. I did the same with my degree a few years ago..

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