Rate Your Discomfort on a Scale of 1 to Arrrhg!!!!

I have an infected wisdom tooth…. I have been injuried in a variety of ways, burns, breaks, bits almost torn off…. none of them seem to compare to a really bad toothache…. Maybe the pain of stepping heavily and barefooted on a lego brick, if that pain was constant and in your skull?  What I am trying to get across is i am not being a sook, infact I have a whole zen – what does not kill me makes me stronger…..

….of course my zen state is requiring a little pharmacutical assisatance…. Antibiotics, painkillers, happy pills and some that are meant to give me a shiney coat….

…. There is that strange part of my brain that lends itself to thoughts of self adjustment on the offending area when in real pain… some kind of Man vs Wild gene that wants to solve things by quarterizing wounds with a knife heated in the flame of a campfire… or drill a hole in my skull to let the demons out…. and in the past I have tended to remove my own sticthes… I have dug out the odd nail with a sharp knife and pliers…. but nothing has ever made me eye off powertools like a toothache….

As he seems to underestimated my 10!!!!!! when he asked me to rate the pain on a scale from 1 to 10…. I will texting my dentist a picture to explain the urgency first thing on monday morning…

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2 thoughts on “Rate Your Discomfort on a Scale of 1 to Arrrhg!!!!

  1. wendymonaghanediting says:

    Having gone through two (yes, two!) root-canal therapies last year, I commiserate. It’s horrid, excruciating and completely overwhelming.

  2. tocksin says:

    Wow, pain! a modern day dilemma that has spawned a pharmaceutical deluge that can leave people standing in line at a methadone clinic. The very word dilemma, the idea of something offering two possibilities, neither being practically acceptable.

    I empathize with your pain.

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