The $12 Steak and the Ungrateful Cat…..

My cat has the hump with me…. As she was the only female on the planet, who I hadn’t upset lately, this concerns me… However, in this case I am feeling the moodiness is a bit unjustified…. It started like this…

For the last few days I have been un-well, actually I have been in agony, with fever and the like… I thought it was flu to start with, turns  out it is an infected wisdom tooth, pumping nasty toxins into my bloodstream and making the heavy-duty codeine painkillers seem like mild aspirin… so i am eating soup and protein shakes with a wince at the moment…

So the nice lump of steak that was sitting in the fridge waiting for the pan, was going to go to waste…. So I decided to treat the cat to a fancy steak dinner… which she seemed to be enjoying, right up until the point I decided to make a protein shake with the blender… Apparently the sound of blender during a steak dinner upsets a cat… So she is now in a mood….

She is sitting at the end of the couch giving me a look…. maybe i am just being oversensitive…


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