A Lazy Sunday…..

Not much happening today…. Kids have ground to a halt…. It is like the icy bits of Narnia outside… A day inside doing, well pretty much nothing… all I have done is play with the graphics tablet and eat soup…

Decided the best way to learn is just to sit down and work from scratch… so just free handing for the moment… I started out in sketchbook, but as it is the free version it only has 5 layers… so I transferred over to Photoshop, I am very out of practice with Photoshop… it takes me ages to find the tools I want…. Luckily this is practice and coffee drinking time, and not deadline time….

So I got this far today, before the kids demanded food…. and my desire for a nap kicked in…. I will call this my first real attempt at a picture… I have a lot to learn… but we all got to start somewhere….

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