Time for the Tablet…..

As the school holidays draw to a close, I am finding myself with a bit more time…. The kids are in that quiet and hidden mode, that seems to accompany the end of holidays… they are both couch bound and buried in their own private worlds, of books and games….

So while my lion cubs sleep, I have finally had a chance to try the graphics tablet… It is a Wacom Intuous 4…. The big one 🙂 … as the online store were selling them out cheaper than the small ones, so it seemed a good idea at the time… although I then needed a larger desk…

I have never really had a graphics tablet to play with before, at least not for more than five minutes, but I can see why people use them… It really isn’t a huge leap from drawing with a pen, the skills are all transferable, and the pressure sensitive ability is amazing realistic… The surface of the tablet even mimics the texture of paper… Very glad I didn’t go with anything less than this model….

So don’t be too harsh,  this is my first real try at totally digital sketching… it will take some getting used to….

I am going to try get in some serious practice over the next few months, but I may stick to doing roughs by hand for a while…. I would miss my coffee shop too much otherwise….

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4 thoughts on “Time for the Tablet…..

  1. nonoymanga says:

    Very nice!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    very cool! and your pencil display is still rockin’ it! 😉

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