Welcome to Lazy Industries…..

I am going through another one of my thin out the stuff stages… I am like a super-model of vintage gear… I am all binge and purge… I have been stockpiling items for a few months now, as I decided which direction my own house was heading… but the time has come to sell the stuff that didn’t make the cut….

I have sold a few items already, including these vintage enamel light-shades… They were covered in sawdust and filth…. So a quick squirt of degreaser and a rainy day…

… another hour or two of heavy rain and they will be clean enough to head of to their new homes…. At Lazy Industries we really do find the easiest way out…..

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Lazy Industries…..

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    those are sweet. love that kind of lamp.

  2. inkomplete says:

    if only i had a warehouse to put them in 🙂

  3. reretro says:

    that’s a fantastic image! when you mass a number of similar forms/colours/objects you create an art piece that’s quite beautiful…as you have here. what a pity you had to part with them- but maybe the new owner was inspired by this image.

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