Workspace Makeover…..

After a few days of reorganising the house, and some friends to help with heavy lifting…. I am almost finished my new work room…..

The addition of a a new desk, which luckily is the same height as my old smaller desk…. So I now have room to spread the technology out….

Up until now I had been working in three different areas of the house, depending on the job…. and having to swap the graphics tablet and keyboard around on the small desk was an annoying waste of time…

I have also reinstated the dinning table… although it could be used for dinning, it will mainly be a large flat work area for bigger artworks….. or just for sketching over coffee in the morning… also a more professional place for client meetings, a little more confidence inspiring than a random coffee shop… meeting clients in coffee shops always feels a bit like an awkward first date….

I also have a reading corner at the moment… but that may make way for another work station in the future… it would be good to have a networked PC with printing and scanning capabilities….

….. it feels great to have a clutter free work area, and the door that keeps the noise from the kids down to a dull roar is a bonus…. Hopefully now the rearranging is all done I can get some work done….

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4 thoughts on “Workspace Makeover…..

  1. Janine says:

    Looks great. I did have a wee giggle about the cafe and meetings and awkard first dates, you are so right about that. I feel like that when meeting people for business purposes. I like how you have the dining table in your work space for that purpose.

  2. inkomplete says:

    thanks 🙂 the dinning table is also a great place to work…. it has a nice distracting window to look out 😉

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