The Number One Thing Your Parents should have Told You….

As I am grown-up (allegedly), I am the guardian of secret knowledge… Facts that are now of no use to me… but I can pass this valuable information on to my children…. Information that was never shared with me, information that I would have used to make my life a little brighter….

and this is it…..

You are allowed to make your signature anything you want…. let that sink in…. instead of an illegible squiggle, or even worse a legible version of your name (if people can read your signature, this information is not for you, as you have no imagination)….

So my six year old daughter is keen to sign future mortgage applications with a cow… and I will encourage her to do so… the world would be a more fun place if my tax check arrived signed with a heart or a childish looking penis….

So I urge you to share this information with your children now, or even change your own!!!

…. Best wishes from me…. Mr Drunken Pirate Smiley Face…..

What would your signature be?…….

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