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Somethings Gotta Give…..

Tonight I put the finishing touches on a University assignment…. I have spent quite a few hours on it over the last month, and it is probably an easy credit…. and I resented doing every minute of it…. I am enjoying the visual arts course so much that the university subjects just seem to be an unwelcome distraction from what I really want… so instead of submitting my assignment, I have submitted a request for leave from uni for the semester… I am not quite ready to give-up on the degree entirely, but I am getting far more out of the visual arts course than I thought I would…

…. I am pretty sure my time would be better spent learning to paint, and learning new skills than it would be attempting to bolster my social standing with pointless pieces of paper…

…. I would rather spend 8 hours a day drawing than an hour a day worrying about APA referencing and the word counts of essays… Much less stress inducing, and also I have noticed that I have been improving, I guess practice and instruction will do that… who knew?

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Rate Your Discomfort on a Scale of 1 to Arrrhg!!!!

I have an infected wisdom tooth…. I have been injuried in a variety of ways, burns, breaks, bits almost torn off…. none of them seem to compare to a really bad toothache…. Maybe the pain of stepping heavily and barefooted on a lego brick, if that pain was constant and in your skull?  What I am trying to get across is i am not being a sook, infact I have a whole zen – what does not kill me makes me stronger…..

….of course my zen state is requiring a little pharmacutical assisatance…. Antibiotics, painkillers, happy pills and some that are meant to give me a shiney coat….

…. There is that strange part of my brain that lends itself to thoughts of self adjustment on the offending area when in real pain… some kind of Man vs Wild gene that wants to solve things by quarterizing wounds with a knife heated in the flame of a campfire… or drill a hole in my skull to let the demons out…. and in the past I have tended to remove my own sticthes… I have dug out the odd nail with a sharp knife and pliers…. but nothing has ever made me eye off powertools like a toothache….

As he seems to underestimated my 10!!!!!! when he asked me to rate the pain on a scale from 1 to 10…. I will texting my dentist a picture to explain the urgency first thing on monday morning…

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The $12 Steak and the Ungrateful Cat…..

My cat has the hump with me…. As she was the only female on the planet, who I hadn’t upset lately, this concerns me… However, in this case I am feeling the moodiness is a bit unjustified…. It started like this…

For the last few days I have been un-well, actually I have been in agony, with fever and the like… I thought it was flu to start with, turns  out it is an infected wisdom tooth, pumping nasty toxins into my bloodstream and making the heavy-duty codeine painkillers seem like mild aspirin… so i am eating soup and protein shakes with a wince at the moment…

So the nice lump of steak that was sitting in the fridge waiting for the pan, was going to go to waste…. So I decided to treat the cat to a fancy steak dinner… which she seemed to be enjoying, right up until the point I decided to make a protein shake with the blender… Apparently the sound of blender during a steak dinner upsets a cat… So she is now in a mood….

She is sitting at the end of the couch giving me a look…. maybe i am just being oversensitive…


Coffee Pots in Mono-chromatic Class….

Today was all about tones…. Let me state right now, I DONT PAINT!!!… never have… So this is all new to me, Apparently I am a fast learner…. Which is nice…. I am really throwing myself into this visual arts course… I am surprised how a few tips from a teacher can really speed things along… I am looking forward to every little improvement, and regretting not studying formally ages ago….

Trying to embrace things that I am not used to…. being fast and loose and sketchy does not come naturally, but it is something I really want to be able to incorporate into my own style…. I even had time to do a little something for myself….

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Bad Boy and a Lazy Blogger…..

I have been both this week… The irony of having an insanely busy week, with lots of interesting things going on every day, and then not writing about it, is not lost on me…. I will do better this week, I swear….

Not in the mood to play catch-up at the moment so I will just fill you on the weekends trip… well the thrifting aspect of it… I left town with a back pack and a car full of chairs….

First stop to deliver ten sebel stack a bye chairs to Lithgow… after that 4 more chairs and 6 industrial lampshades to Springwood…. My entire trip is funded by the items I delivered on the way…

Thrifting as I went, yielded nothing particularly amazing, but I did get to re-stock my wardrobe on the cheap…. and I got a suitcase for $10 to put my new outfits in… I loved the looks I got checking into a fancy hotel with this suitcase…

If you want to attract movie star attention on your next trip, don’t waste money on expensive italian luggage… Rock up for check-in in a black t-shirt, vintage ray-bans and a tatty old suitcase…. Live that rock’n’roll life….

I picked quite a few pairs of jeans(5) , including a pair of brand new RM Williams jeans for $3.50, at least $120 retail…  A nice light green Rodd & Gunn shirt for $2.50…. A pair of Timberland Earth Keepers boots, never worn for $35. Not cheap for thrifting but very cheap compared to the $200+ retail tag… and my other favourite item, a Dangerfield Coat from the clearance section of a major chain store, down from $180 to $40…..

A good weekend for my wardrobe, if nothing else… I also found a vintage bowling shirt from a tournament in Las vegas… Luckily Ten-Pin bowlers are the one group of athletes I can fit into clothes from….


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