It is Very Cold on the Eastern Front….

I am trying to popularise a decorating style… Adventurer Chic – A mix of steam punk, industrial, tribal with comfy cushions…. or in other words, my house….

However my usually cosy house is very frosty today… My heating system has gone down on me (insert smutty joke there if you must), and will not be up again till at least monday afternoon…. So icy seems to be the word of the day… It is being applied to living conditions, and interactions too… I tried to be non frosty today and got it thrown back in face… Silly me….

The other issue with the lack of heating, as the temperature hasn’t risen beyond 10 degrees today, is the Map table is taken a very long time to dry…. which means no thick shiny, smooth coating till the heating is fixed….. So for now you will just have to imagine what a difference a 5mm coat of resin will look like….

….. All ready for a trip across the border, without a passport….

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2 thoughts on “It is Very Cold on the Eastern Front….

  1. that sofa and cushions look so cosy! Hope you warm up soon! 🙂

  2. That’s not cold ! the table looks great

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