Maps for when you lose your way….

I have had a bad week…. I also got a little enthusiastic with my medication… and ice-cream… and alcohol…. and I think you get the idea… So have binned the Valium, and cut the happy pills by half… and no more drinks, or ice cream either for a bit…

The 21 day Blue girl challenge is still underway… Slowed slightly by insomnia and then sleeping for 16 hrs straight…

Does twins make up for a day? Probably not….

In an attempt  to halt the train wreck I have going on at the moment, I have started re-decorating the house (again)… increasing my work room size and also moving the lounge room to the cosy centre of the house… The best way to get back in control is to get stuck into things I can control… So expect a few updates of the house being re-styled, both here and on the Face Book page….

The new lounge room needs a side table…. and I just happen to have an old club style side table that i picked up for $2….

Solid timber base, but at some point someone glued a laminate veneer to the top…. the amount of effort to remove that, when I have no idea of condition of the timber underneath… But you can sand laminate if you want to paint it, or glue things to it….

…. PVA glue…. Vintage maps of Switzerland…. Laminate sanded and ready to be slathered in glue and maps….

My favourite part of any project? The part where people look at a work in progress, and  have serious doubts about what I am doing 🙂 You will have to check in tomorrow to see if this turns into a unique table, or common fire wood….

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3 thoughts on “Maps for when you lose your way….

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    oh the suspense!

  2. Janine says:

    why oh why do they freaking add veneer to such a gorgeous table? ahhhh thats such a design crime. Hmmmm looking at you sideways, I can see what you are trying to do lol but I will admit I am wondering how it will turn out 😛

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