DIY – Fireplace Make-Over….

In an attempt to keep occupied, I have been working on three projects at once today… The main one is a room I am making over for client…. The before shot…

A small house… with a combined family of 5 kids… the object it to maximise every space, and also make things seem less cramped visually too… on a tight budget… the lounge has many issues, other than the giant TV and cabinet that dominate the room… my usual way of working is to solve the main issue and work outwards from there…. So that’s what I did, the fireplace is my starting point….

The mantle is to narrow, and thin, so I need to balance it out….

A wider shelf cut to size, and detailed edge strip added…. I designed this to slip over the old mantle… much cheaper and faster than trying to remove the old one…

Wall painted black and new mantle in place…. It now spans the full length of the chimney brest… Visually it balances better, the next step is a similar plinth for the floor…. Thankfully I am being allowed to design this room as I go… A trusting client is worth their weight in gold….


2 thoughts on “DIY – Fireplace Make-Over….

  1. Janine says:

    it looks better already with those two touches!! I can’t wait to see more. Love that the client is letting you design as you go.

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