Last Weeks Thrift Shop Booty…..

…and yes I am talking like a pirate today…. Been a while since I mentioned thrifting, didn’t want my ex’s getting all excited that I had quit bringing home “junk”… So a quick update of the things people discarded for me….

First up is something to feed my chair addiction…. Four folding Sebel chairs, I am starting a sebel warehouse here…. How could I say no, at $3 each?

From the same place I also picked up this original art deco door pull…. No idea what to do with it…. but it is huge and cool and cost $2…..

Also in the $2 pile is this arts and crafts cigarette dispenser.. Signed on the bottom with a nifty little makers mark… You load it up with cigarettes and each time you lift the outside of the box it produces a new cigarette into the holder on top….

Two more old suitcases to sit around…. one was $5 the other $2…. They are filled with the kids board games now… which is much better than having hungry hippos on display….

And finally, I picked up the rather cool red glass paperweight for $1…. and it makes a nice silhouette on my living room blind….

So what do you think was the score of the week?

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5 thoughts on “Last Weeks Thrift Shop Booty…..

  1. Evani G says:

    Love those suitcases! What a steal! This weekend I got a vintage picnic basket for $4 but I need to find some of those luggages! 🙂

  2. britslovevintage says:

    Very jealous of the suitcases, very hard to find here. Good thifting booty me hearty …….

  3. Janine says:

    Freaking jealous and like the others I have suitcase envy!! quite taken with your art deco door pull for $2. You had a blinder….

  4. omg the suitcases i am jealousand that door pull also excellent.

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