DIY – How to remove Vintage Typewriter Keys…

…and keep your fingers intact…. and before anyone has a hissy fit…. this typewriter was a non-worker, although being honest I will probably end up de-keying all these round key models, working or not… I have more than enough later working typewriters that don’t weigh twenty kilo’s and take up so much room…. and being completely mercenary, the keys are worth far more separated, than they are as a typewriter… and I am not a museum, and the kids have to eat ūüėČ

Step 1 – Two pairs of pliers, one to grip the shaft, and one to lever the key off…. Not to tricky… but it does take some practice… I tried several methods, this one worked best….

Step¬†2 – well there really isn’t¬†one, but in this case the keys were quite grimy, so I am pulling¬†them apart completely, so I can clean the glass and metal separately¬†without risking damage to the letter inserts….

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