Children…. Pancakes…. and Dirty Fingers….

Sunday….. Home all day with the kids again…. impressed my daughter by flipping pancakes…. Impressed my son by playing halo like someone who knows what they are doing with a shotgun and a needler….

A good day…. I am still not quiet at ease with the handing them back to the ex thing…. Maybe it was easier to pretend to be happy with them here….

So I have put zero effort into anything challenge related today…. No time to finish something, so I have attempted something new…. I havent touched modeling clay since I was a teenager…. This is what a half-finished blue girl looks like…

She now needs to dry so I can paint her…. join her together… and maybe even some clothes…. Quite happy with it, sculpture of any kind is something I have never attempted before, and I did this without any guidance so it may fall apart… but everything needs a first try….

 She will be blue in a couple of days…. I probably will be too…..

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One thought on “Children…. Pancakes…. and Dirty Fingers….

  1. lulastic says:

    She’s gorgeous!

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