All at Sea….

Weekend…. The children took a vote, and have banned me from making them leave the house…. Damn democracy!!!…. Since it is cold and wet out there it really isn’t that big an ordeal… Although it would have been better if I had done some lazy cooking shopping first… So instead of easy snacks I have had to make everything from scratch… Pancakes for breakfast…. banana bread and hot chocolate for morning tea… Cheesy pasta for lunch… cupcakes…. and now tuna Mornay for dinner… so much for a relaxing weekend….

I am probably grateful for the distractions… Trying to keep my mind off broken hearts and enjoy some time with children….

….another quick picture today for the 21 day Blue Girl challenge…. because I was more in the mood to hug children, than draw… or at least hug the child that hugs…. and blow up aliens with the child that lives in the matrix….

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One thought on “All at Sea….

  1. Janine says:

    Oh I like this, something about the moon and the water and the boat, feels peaceful to me. I think the kids had the right idea and I bet they loved all that yummy food too.

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