A Day for Cute Blue Girls and Other things….

I woke up late…. well actually I woke up very early, and made the mistake of going to check on my 6-year-old bundle of pink…. Little sleepy outstretched arms and the word “hugs”…. So a quick hug turned into a mad rush to get the kids to school… That will happen when you wake up 20 mins before the school bell rings… whoops… I almost decided to knock the whole day on the head and just let them stay home (responsible parenting is not my middle name)…. But a few muesli bars and a slapdash sandwich or two, and I got the kids through the gate as the bell went… so all good…

I had a laundry list of things to do today, laundry however was not on the list… Had to go pay for my visual arts course… Drop in forms to get free money to do course… Pay out a credit card… resisting the urge to use it again instantly…. New University card for my other course, so I can borrow the books I need, instead of buying them… and I had to squeeze in Day 4 of the Blue Girl challenge….

Drawing on watercolour paper has pro’s and cons… it is textured which makes sweeping curves a bit more tricky… and it doesn’t like being erased on… But it takes a mug of coffee and some watercolours without curling up all wrinkly and in need of an iron….

You have to be a bit more careful when erasing pencil, as the ink likes to come of with it… bit of a bugger because you have to go over the ink again…

So another blue girl finished…. I now have to fill in scholarship forms and grant forms in the hope that I can avoid work long enough to raise my children into self sufficient little humans, and spend my days learning and doing stuff that makes my life a happy and productive thing…

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4 thoughts on “A Day for Cute Blue Girls and Other things….

  1. artepad says:

    amazing work….nice styleee

  2. Janine says:

    Good luck with the scholarship after all doing stuff that makes you happy is what it’s all about. I dont draw, wouldn’t know where or how to start. But I do enjoy reading about as well as viewing your work in progress and how you achieve the final product.

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