Expensive ways to be Childish…..

The last working copy….. Trying to remember the last time I was free from doubt and truly happy… So I could restore myself to that point…. I know that mind sound a bit like I am depressed, I am not…. I am just not terribly happy today, and I worry that people around me worry about me when I get that way… it can be hard to explain that sometimes you need to embrace the sad parts to be able to move forward….

“I Heart Bunnies” – Drawn on ipad…

Don’t worry if you don’t know what I am talking about, It probably just means you are more chemically balanced than I am… That is what makes us all different I guess…

I am starting another insomnia journey…. also not a big deal, you get used to it….

And the point of all this self-indulgent talk…. I just bought an iPad3…. and I am reading comics on it…. I enjoy the irony of reading a $2 comic on an expensive piece of technology… Just like playing a simple card game on a $3000 computer….

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4 thoughts on “Expensive ways to be Childish…..

  1. teresassong says:

    Insomnia seems to be common with a lot of my online and local friends right now. Geographic location doesn’t seem to matter. I do understand about wanting to reset to past point. No tips or advice regarding either. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

  2. Janine says:

    sad parts + moving forward = progress. Even chemically balanced people have sad parts. Whoah, comics now that had never occurred to me. I subscribe to a few mags on my Ipad but had never thought about comics. As for my latest thing on the Ipad its sudoku, beats pencil and a rubber any day lol

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