Jar full of old Sundays…..

I have a lot of jars…. I have a lot of small things…. Seems the thing to do is combine the two…..

One of my favourite jars is the large malted milk from Nestle’s…. Nice and large so it needs something chunky to fill it up with…. 50s Sunday School is not often the answer, but it was today….

These were sunday school stamps…. If if I didn’t know where they came from, the dozen Jesus stamps would have been a give away… There are also many other great stamps in there… Just waiting for me to get some inspiration… But for now they can sit on the mantle in a jar…

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One thought on “Jar full of old Sundays…..

  1. Stacey says:

    The lid on that jar is amazing! Oh how I love old things. I need to keep my eye out for really cool jars… I always forget to look for them. This one is really special.. and so was that lightning jar a couple posts back.

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