I am out of the closet….

Not that closet…. I am boringly straight, or surprisingly straight if you have seen my face while going through fabric samples 🙂 The closet I refer too is my nerd closet….

Yes…. above my arty stash, is my secret reading stash… 3 rows high and three rows deep…. Not an auto-biography, travel guide or how to book to be seen….

…and yes I have read everything in there… which is more than I can say about the grown-up books on the shelves that can be seen…..

Sci-fi and fantasy…. there are even comics and Dr Who books in there…. oh dear….

I hope one day the world will be more accepting of my lifestyle choice… maybe even letting me marry another book nerd…. 😉

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2 thoughts on “I am out of the closet….

  1. I envy your shelf. My shelf contains mostly academic books. T_T

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