Home Sick…..

I am Australian, born here and spent 99.9% of my life here….. But all this Queens Jubilee stuff is making me home sick for london…. So I am looking at old pictures and kind of regretting getting on the plane back here….

I guess that’s why we take photo’s…. they are like memory kick-starters… They are not the memory themselves…

Looking at this photo doesn’t just remind me of that moment… It reminds me of every thing that happened around it, the tube ride there… the watching other people jump at the wall…. the sheer bloody happiness….

Places I had only heard of, are now places I know…. and some days miss….

My itinerary was maybe not the traditional holiday makers, more things that I had a connection with….. growing up in Australia was a very British thing for me I guess…. Our TV was pretty much nailed to the ABC, and the ABC was pretty much British TV….. The Sherlock Holmes museum…. Loved it….

….and of course Dr Who…. If you grew up in the 70’s in Australia you watched it every night at 6:30, after the Goodies…. and I read Hitch Hikers Guide….

 The black pen at the back is mine….. Highgate cemetery is a great place to visit….

I would love to be in London today…. There must be bunting so thick in the streets it blocks the sun….

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