The other thrifty finds of day…..

While I allowed myself $20 in my pocket for a new outfit today, there are always a few dollars in the wallet for things to clutter my house with…. and I thought I should also add a picture of the $5 outfit I got for my son…

I got him a nice pair of jeans, an Esprit shirt and a cool striped T with a vintage Haynes manual print on the front… Not sure what cost what as all three items where just rung up on the till as $5 the lot…..

The same shop the provided my $3 shoes also provided me with this 50 cent desk caddy… Very practical and a great colour, room for pens, sticky tape, little drawers for stamps and paperclips… and even the original foam to wet your stamps with…

This 1980s tribute to the space shuttle is a single doona cover…. It is nerdy and cool and it was $1… I think it will be used in my sons room… which is desperatly in need of a complete re-style… It is a bit harry potter in there at the moment…. I think it needs to be a bit more  Geek Chic…..

A couple of floor cushion for the kids to lay on while playing video games in the loungeroom, so I can nap on the couch…. $2 each…

 I have also added another stonewear container to my collection… The Maille pot was $2 and matches the oil container I found last week (I use it for water for watercolour painting) and the celery container I found in Canberra a few weeks ago… I hope they made egg cups or something similar as they would be great for mixing paints in…..

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3 thoughts on “The other thrifty finds of day…..

  1. hns83 says:

    Great finds! I love the stonewear!

  2. now i love all your finds almost i adore op shopping and i would have went to the same places even in london but the desk caddy nah there is no place in this world for lime green.

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