I need a new outfit…. for under $20…..

Still on that teetering edge of moods…. With that special headache that makes me grimace like the joker, my apologies to any small children I have traumatized today…. Trying to get dressed this morning deciding I am not feeling at one with my wardrobe at the moment…. I am not sure the last time I bought clothing, other than underwear and socks, new….. I have in the past spent stupid money on clothes, $150 for a shirt is now something that I am ashamed to admit I did…. but I also don’t like to buy the poor quality clothing from chain stores either…. I am not a label snob, but I do believe there is no point buying a $10 new t-shirt that falls apart after 3 washes… I have had designer stuff that has been washed a hundred times and still holds its shape… So I do seek out labels when I op-shop, because I know the quality of the item will make it last…. today I had $20 in my pocket for a new outfit… and a couple of hours to kill with my son, while my daughter was at a birthday party…

Lets start with shoes…. I can live with op-shop shoes if my socks are new… and besides these look like they were worn a few times and then forgotten… They are in my size and $3…. DC shoes, they must have been around a $100 new….

Next op-shop got me the entire rest of my new out-fit…. Not normally that lucky, usually I either get all jeans or all shirts in one hit….

A pair of Diesel jeans….$4 and they also look like they have barely been broken in… Boot-cut as is my preference, as I am not 18 years old and waif like…. Not sure what somebody paid for them new, let’s be optimistic and say they bought them on special for $100…

Ralph Lauren Shirt…. Cotton and super soft and relaxed $2….. The green works with the jacket, or at least I think it does… The jacket is my most expensive purchase of the day…

It cost me $6…. It is a dark green loose weave washed cotton teamed with a traditional tweed…. Made by Japanese Designer Michiko Koshino, it is amazingly well made… and I think $6 was a bit of a bargain…

So a new outfit for $15… Not a bad days shopping… I also got two new shirts and some jeans for my son with the other $5…. I wonder how far that $20 would have gone at Target?

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6 thoughts on “I need a new outfit…. for under $20…..

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    well spent! i’m assuming “op-shop” is australian for thrift store? $20 bucks wouldn’t have gotten you very far at target. plus you’d walk out looking like everybody else! well done.

  2. inkomplete says:

    Yes opportunity shop is the same as thrift shop 🙂 the other advantage I find in thrift store close shopping is the limited range…. the choices are a bit overwhelming at chain stores… 200 pairs of jeans to chose from is a pain… two pairs of jeans in my size and cut is much more relaxing 🙂 and at $4 a pair I can take both 🙂

    • ScrapAndSalvage says:

      i’ve just expanded my vernacular. thank you! 😀 yes, what i like about second hand stores is that it forces you to think outside the box. fun post. and i hope it helped lighten your mood for the weekend. peace.

  3. toni Hutchison says:

    not sure about the black shoes with the brown jacket but you did very well nonetheless!

  4. I love that you’re a man and you enjoy thrifting. Love it. Sharp jacket (the moss color is a bonus) and other finds (I covet those maille pots)!

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