Steampunk Mozart DIY….

I spent my evening with my hands on a cheap bust….. Yes that was meant to sound that way 🙂

Day 3 of the Thumper challenge went well…. in the face of serious temptation to, not to be… but I took the high road… Yay me 🙂

But back to the Bust… Mozart in cheap plaster… plaster of Salzburg? probably not even plaster of paris…. maybe plaster of chinese mass production factory…

50 cents from an op-shop, though I suspect similar items are available cheaply from discount stores… Since my ex-wife got the piano, I don’t even have anywhere to put it… So I thought I may have a bit of fun, with a drill….

A quick freehand pencil rough in of some cogs… and yes this how I spend my days…

It is quite relaxing grinding away with a cheap 12 volt engraver… Once you get past the disturbing sound, that is reminiscent of the dentists drill…

Gold paint is your friend…. and bronze and copper and a bit of burnt umber are your friends too, if you are trying to turn a cheap plaster bust into a steampunk metal one….

That was kind of fun…. I am going to try this one again….

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4 thoughts on “Steampunk Mozart DIY….

  1. That. Is. Awesome. Wow!

    • inkomplete says:

      Thanks 🙂 It will make me more interested in picking these plaster busts up at op-shops and garage sales in the future… I would eventually like to do a big venus style nude one for the garden, maybe in a Klimt style…

  2. this is wonderful! look forward to seeing the next projects too 😀

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