Day 2 – Thumper Finds….

A pretty good day for not being a negative…. is that a double negative? Does that it make it a positive? I have a new warning system… I have requested that people stick a finger in my ear if I start saying something negative… Like a wet willy… but without the wet… or willy… I must be doing well, I only got one insertion today..

I thought in addition to being a little ray of sunshine, I might also share some of the thrift store items I grab as we go…. These mid-century Bulls are going to live in my house for a while…. Due to the fact that I keep finding them, and selling them… Maybe the universe is trying to tell me I need a pair of these….

A box… Brass and bamboo…. very heavy… as for age or original purpose, not a clue…

One of those items that always amazes me…. How things like this can still be sitting at garage sales late in the day… Ignored by all those early morning bargain hunters, I wonder if they thought its $2 in must be a reproduction… It isn’t…

Three different shops… Three tea boxes…. I am hoping that I will find a lot more of these… The idea is make a large CD rack from them… so maybe Karma will provide me with another 50 or so…. If I am super nice 🙂

Now here is a tricky one… A $5 box…. It was a very nice box, that is why I bought it… It also appears to be filled with someone elses memories… A picture of a mini, and a picture of a small dog… A receipt for a new Datsun ($1800)… An Ansett airline discount photo id….  A bone dice… and a letter saying he was unfit for conscription to national service… It feels a bit wrong to just throw it away….

Day Two gets a magic tick I think…. So I will reheat some soup, make a plunger of coffee and settle into the couch for a couple of hours with a good book….

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2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Thumper Finds….

  1. Stacey@aGh says:

    All great finds! Love the box and all the treats inside. I love finding stuff like that… a little snapshot of someone’s life. Very cool!!

  2. How intriguing is the box with the little stories of the owner contained inside! I agree too hard to just discard! Thank you for sharing your little story:-)

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