The Most Amazing Floor Lamp ever made…..

That is not true, but today I bought a floor lamp that gave me no choice…. I couldn’t not buy it, and believe me, I tried…. There are things that fall into that “Love it or Hate it” thing, this lamp is the poster boy for that statement…. Behold…..

It is copper, it is a lot of copper…. The shade comes in at just over 4 kilos…. and the base is heavy enough to make that heavy shade stable….. This is definitely not a mass-produced item….

whoever wrought this beast knew their medium, the construction is a thing of beauty, even if the design is not to your taste, the workmanship is to be admired….

I suspect that this is more likely to be a lamp seen in the better feasting halls of Valhalla, than any IKEA product….

I am not sure if it was created as Art or Furniture…. or maybe as the result of the fevered dream of a Norse Weather God… Good, Bad or Ugly? or just a bit awesome?

Hard to decide without lighting it up I guess… A quick repair of the existing bayonet fitting to be able to light it up….

…. Light does seem to be a positive addition, which I guess with a lamp makes sense… Not sure how long or where it will live in my house….

I am starting to worry I am starting a retirement home for peculiar lamps….

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6 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Floor Lamp ever made…..

  1. My vote is awesome. Very cool.

  2. scrapandsalvage says:

    this is truly an awesome find!!

  3. Janine says:

    wow all copper…..I like the way the light reflects through the lamp shade holes. Very cool.

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