Day 10 – Paper Bunting DIY….

It was an op-shop day…. A few bargains and a lovely lunch…. No pics of any of that because I was having a bit of a living in the moment…. ummm moment…..

Tonight I thought a bit of paperwork might be in order…. A test run of an idea for an upcoming event… and also another product that might make it future production….

Cutting these has made me put, old-fashioned paper guillotine, on my mental shopping list….  I am sure they sell new ones, but I would prefer one of those big old school models with the carved grid and big finger frightening blade….

Also an adjustable hole punch and a big arse needle for threadingwith, would be handy…. and the duck was employed as a string holder (just incase you were wondering)….

….Paper bunting, it needs work…. but it is a starting point…. and I do love a starting point…

I have already started with some designed to hang freely, instead of flat against the wall…. They do add a bit of interest to a very white roman blind though….

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4 thoughts on “Day 10 – Paper Bunting DIY….

  1. these are lovely! they put me in mind a bit of the Tibetan prayer flags. (But I like your color scheme better!)

  2. Janine says:

    A good starting point, I like how you stamped the image and you have gone for a square look. I had the pleasure of using a bog old school guillotine in my previous job, oh my how I loved it but feared it at the same time. Your travel guides would make some awesome bunting.

  3. lulastic says:

    FREAKY DEAKY! I just made something VERY similar (but not nearly as nice) – totally thought I’d come up with the idea though. Haaahaarr. Yours is luverly.

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