Let me Draw you an Old School Map…..

Day 8 Part Deus….. I started the afternoon by starting the time-consuming task of de-mapping a travel guide…

I picked up a big pile of vintage travel guides a while ago…. sort of lonely planet in the 50s…. and while they are kind of cool sitting on a shelf, they would only bring me a few dollars each if I sold them… However they do have some beautiful maps in them….

In fact they each contain quite a few maps…. ranging from A2 size down to postcard size… This pile all came out of one guide-book, so the maps are more valuable and useful separated… one down, twenty or so guides to go….

A late in day op-shop run, not because I am an op-shop junkie, but because the kids were driving me nuts….. It is also a great example of the karma/coincidence thing that tends to happen…. Straight from dealing with one pile of maps to finding some more….

Giant old school wall maps….. The kind of thing other people curse me for stumbling across, maybe if they spent less time cursing me they might improve their karma enough to find stuff to? Just a thought 🙂

Speaking of Karma, the world seems to have changed a bit since this map was used to educate children in the ways Australia makes money…. Not as much whaling these days for a start…

…and can we still travel to the RUM JUNGLE? there are quite a few place names I don’t recognise on these maps…..

I only hung one up to have a good look at it….. but of course now I like it… maybe I will sell one and keep one…. just need to decide which….

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2 thoughts on “Let me Draw you an Old School Map…..

  1. Janine says:

    oh green with envy here….love love your wall map and that is one item on my list of treasures. Along with a few globes……You hit the motherload with the travel guides.

  2. inkomplete says:

    Thanks…. I was very happy with this find 🙂

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