You Give me Fever….

Challenge postponed due to be being un-well…. How un-well you ask? I had to ask the ex-wife to collect kids from school…. Losing hand, or upper hand in the ongoing battle to be reasonable share parent is not something I would do, if I could get of couch…

Like I said… not well… probably the “flu” that has been doing the rounds… and the result of my “creative” method of giving up cigarettes… The Pipe has been both 100% successful and incredibly detrimental to my health… Pretty sure the flare up of Crohn’s, that has pretty much been asymptomatic for years, unless exposed to overwhelming stress or too much smoking or an approaching event…. Hey look all three….. Bugger….

On the very bright side…. I am pretty sure that is the smoking done…. The mental leap was almost locked in, getting sick has actually helped….

That said I feel like crap, I am in pain and have slept 16 hours in the past 24….

We will see how we feel in the morning…..


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