Day 7 – Life is a Highway….

Or maybe Life is a roller coaster ride with Sybil at the switch…. This not smoking thing is not making my mood swings any more lovable… But I suspect it will stick… Also got my first real “Event Styling” gig….. that made the bad mood rather secondary… Looking forward to doing what I do, with someone elses money….

I also decided to put a shine on a platter…. Some things I leave… Some things I make shiny….

I did like this all green and alligator like…. but I am using this on my dining table, so crusty isn’t to appetizing… and shiny makes the candle light reflect nicely…

I didn’t have any chemicals for the job so it was all scrubbed with vinegar and salt, and buffed up with a rag…. It is actually a better finish than I expected… not so uniform and bland as the brasso type of cleaner….

 I really am heading down this road to morocco by accident…. but it seems to fit the house….

So other than that, it was just many hours trawling pin interest for some ideas I had… It was more of a reading and post’it noting books and magazine day…. and that is big part of being creative too… inspiration and time to plan…

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