Day 6 – The Empire Strikes Back….

Well the choices for what to call a post about ottomans was limited… And going with the pouffe thing is fraught with Benny Hill type danger….

I am having trouble deciding between the sebel stack a bye chairs and the french wrought iron ones for my dining room…. When I think about the problem it seems to be more a, what kind of bicycle does a fish need, problem… I am not feeling the need for a grown up dinner party table… It is not how I live… I don’t do formal…. I am leaning towards making a new base for the table…. about half the current height…. I can do away with chairs all together….

 “Who needs sleep when we’ve got love?

Who needs keys when we’ve got clubs?

Who needs please when we’ve got guns?”

 …and I am sure Jack Johnson wouldn’t mind me adding… Who needs chairs, when we got pouffes?….. I am warming to the idea of it…. a table for feasting and drinking, lounging on cushions, tribal rugs and leather pouffes…. I am a nomad in a brick yurt!!!…

“Have Billie Piper scrubbed and brought to my tent!”….

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