Day 5 – iPhone Spell Check Envy….

I wish i was as creative as my iPhone…. The spell check suggestions seem to be so far from  the intended word, that I assume apple has devolved some kind of 6 degrees of separation crossed with cockney rhyming slang algorithm…. Apart from the odd embarrassing TXT message it seems to have no real world issues…. But I have embraced randomly punching buttons for the subject lines of email pictures I send to myself…. For example, tonight’s word generated by a lsdkjfvn button mash, is Jensen…. that is not humorous or offensive by itself, the suggestions that Gmail then offers can be….

So other than button mashing to confuse the AI advertisements from the evil google corp… I have been drinking coffee and not smoking cigarettes…. I think that may be having an effect on my drawings… not drawing bunnies or butterflies today…

That stops the little old ladies from stopping to say “how cute” 😉 It is a little Tim Burton for the pensioner set I guess….

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