Day 3 – Musical Chairs…..

An amazing sleep-in…. almost de-railed by a six year old wandering into my room at about 6am, luckily she just grabbed a pillow and some blankets and passed out again…. 10 am sleep-in’s are a very rare thing round here… joy… As day 3 of the living a creative life unfolded I found myself spending more time with the kids than being arty… and I have no complaints about that.. making lunch with the kids has its creative elements… and playing silly games with my daughter, like wise… I am not sure how creative spending a couple of hours blowing up aliens with my son is, but it was great fun… and when they got bored with me I turned my attention to chairs…

It really is a chair warehouse round here, and here you see 2 stools and a child’s chair that have been sitting around waiting for an attack of creativity…. All three are in need of repair… the wrought iron stool is rusty, the child’s chair is a horrible red with a cheap chipboard replacement seat and the wooden stool is a wobbly piece of kindling waiting to happen…. The two wrought iron pieces were $2 each and the wooden stool was a roadside find….. First step pull everything apart…. I then stripped back the iron chairs and undercoated twice, sanded a bit more and top coated twice… The wooden seats were sanded back, tweaked, swapped and oiled….

There is something very nostalgic and comforting about that shade of green… especially when applied to 1920-40s furniture… So three have become two… but I like the two….

Good for another 80+ years I think, and they made a good practice run for some of the other wrought iron furniture I have….

So todays creativity has been all about food, playing and chairs…. in fact i am now going to make pancakes with fresh creme and blueberries for dessert while we watch Nanny McFee…. I think that all counts….

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