Day 2 – Living the Creative Life….

Kind of a turned upside down day…. A phone call at 6am to do a bit of sorting, sorting that could have been done yesterday at a reasonable hour of the night if some people didn’t convince themselves they could save some money doing it themselves 😛 …. but anyway I was back home by 8am… Quick coffee and pencils and camera in bag… a pre work meeting…. their work not mine…. New design required for a tricky area… I agreed to not show photos 😉 and by 10am I was in possession of yet another coffee… So much for cutting back….

Two A3 pages of eyes…. just eyes…. no attempt to finish a picture… I can now draw a manga eye with lighting speed… Maybe I will just draw faces tomorrow….

I needed to do a quick food shop as I have the kids for the weekend… Back home I decided to have a shot at using adobe illustrator to do some more eyes… the method translates, but I am very out of practice!!!! I will try some more of that, after the kids go to bed….

While having coffee number 7 on the back deck, the neighbours cat obliging stayed still long enough for a quick sketch….

I really don’t sketch very much… never really been a build it up in layers person…. It was very freeing to just do a superfast and loose sketch (probably under 3 mins)…. It was outside my comfort zone… but that is the point…

On the whole a good second day…. I spent at least 4 hrs in creative mood…. and I may spend a few more tonight…..

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