Not a Cheap Date….

I am making this update as I am in a much better mood, I made dinner…. I know that shouldn’t be a statement that requires a song and dance, but tap tap lalalala…. I made, not opened a packet, or pre-mix, but a from scratch a prawn laksa… I measured spices, I de-poop shootered prawns…. I made real food, and it was good…. It was very good….

I have always been a bit lazy about food… or at least willing to hand its manufacture over to more experienced hands… Maybe not anymore… It was odd, but nice to sit in my dinning room with a meal I made, that was restaurant quality… a beer… some Harry Conick on the sound system… and even some candles for setting the mood….

Pretty much the ideal first date…. If this was a lovely ladies or Fräuleins, first experience of me, they would be convinced they had hit renaissance man gold!!! How ever as I am very alone and not the type to give it up on a first date, I shall find a good movie to watch… Settle in with a glass of wine and relax… Later there maybe blueberries and double cream if I am good….

 Master chef has finally got to me…infact I think making every meal from scratch, may become a 21 day challenge… soon…. BURP!!!…. excuse me…. oh look Grosse Point Blank is on…. The perfect date movie…..

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3 thoughts on “Not a Cheap Date….

  1. Worried about your idea of a perfect date movie… but the Laksa looks awesome.

  2. inkomplete says:

    it is a tale of lost love…. with guns and explosions… and it ends with “blister in the sun”…. Talk about setting the mood 😉

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