Almost like a Spartan… A Rant…. And Tomorrow….

Let’s take this in order…. 200 followers (not 300)…. That’s simple and I will be waiting till I hit 300 before mentioning it again (I hope)…. or defending Sparta…

As for the rant…. I was reading a blog that was pointing out how reluctant people can be to pay for an artistic service… especially friends and family… You can read her well written blog entry here… Solitary Photographic

It got me thinking about the amount of time and effort I use finding furniture and decorator pieces for friends…. they always want to know what it cost so they can reimburse me…. as though my time and ability to track down there desires is worth nothing? The fact that I could sell the piece elsewhere for a considerable profit seems not to occur to them…. I don’t expect them to pay full price, but I consider my mates rates more than fair, and definitely less than they would pay if they went to a retail store… especially when the pice needs repair…. I do believe most people think I find something, blow the dust off and the job is done…

This table would be a good example….. I found it on one of my many many visits to op-shops…. it cost me $2…. by saying that out loud I would now be expected to sell it for that… Why? and the fact that I will spend time repairing it and sanding it…

…the veneer needs repair and re-gluing… their will be a few coats of oil and wax… and after all that I might be offered $20? hmm I would be better off making sneakers in china….

It is not the one offs that get to me as much as the people who have let me decorate half their house….

The same goes for artworks, and I am now firmly in the NO artwork as gifts camp…. they are rarely appreciated and people seem to think it was an easy way out of a gift…. It isn’t, an easy way out is the gift vouchers I get from them… From now on I will sell my work to those that appreciate and my friends will get a gift voucher….

There, that’s better, rant over…. I am not really having a go at anyone person… It is more just about wanting to valued for my particular job… and it is a job….

Speaking of jobs…. I have been “working” a bit lately, I say working in air quotes, because it is a real job working for a “boss” and pays $$$…. but It is also more of a sub-contract really… the person who is collecting the paycheck, is so far out of their depth that I sort of come in and finish up after hours (Mr Wolf style – Pulp Fiction)… It is vaguely hilarious as a situation… The idea of this person getting promoted again is totally sitcom worthy…. I wonder if I could expand it to working “as” a few people… it would certainly overcome the boredom of a single job….

And last but not least…. Tomorrow is the start of the next 21 Day challenge… It is about art and work…. and treating it as such… Please follow along and leave comments etc…. or just press the like button, when you do, so I know I am not talking to myself…

Oh and I finally got around to getting a business card holder….

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