Better to be Lucky than Clever….

Woke up today with that wonderful sole crushing malaise that no free time, no money and lack of achievement gives you… That self-indulgent “why me?” feeling…. Lots of reasons for it, some real, some under my control and just a couple of the universe taking cheap shots at me….   So I drink some coffee, chat with a mate and drink some more coffee…. Not quite in a mood to kick myself in the arse and get on with it, in fact indulging in a bit of self punishment by denying myself a headache tablet, even though it feels like I have an arrow through my head….

So I hit the second-hand shops… Maybe it is some kind of shopping high without really spending anything, or some kind of chance based mood enhancer, a bit like gambling… If I hit some Op-Shops and find “rusty gold” then obviously Karma is in my corner and I can continue my day with an emotional bullet proof vest… If I find nothing I am obviously deemed to be hollow inside and unworthy of the universal horse shoes of luck….

Must have served my penance for a while then? I have been on the hunt for a portable massage table for a while…. found one… mentioned to a friend who got excited because he thought I was selling it…. I wasnt… but sure enough I found another one half an hour later…. Six months without seeing one and two turn up….

I have also been looking for a portable table/desk for working in front of the telly in the warm room during the Bathurst winters… everything I have found is either too small, too expensive or to new (I know that last one shouldnt be an issue)…. So while struggling to the op-shop counter with my second massage table of the day, I stubbed my toe on a 60’s fold away school desk that was almost covered by blankets…. It is the perfect height, size and look (and I know the last one shouldn’t be an issue either)….

I really couldn’t have ordered a better desk…. So feeling a bit more at peace with the universe I decided to push my luck with one more visit to a op-shop… Hanging on the wall is an old drafting arm…. of pretty much the exact era to match the vintage NIKE drafting table…. The universe decided i wasn’t having it all my own way, so the arm is orange and not green…. but I really dont mind….

So I am still not well, the wheels have come off my life in so many areas… but I am still twice as lucky, as anyone I know is clever…. and some days that is enough to make me smile….

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2 thoughts on “Better to be Lucky than Clever….

  1. Janine says:

    I had to giggle at the coffee and headache thing. Sometimes I do the same thing and deny myself a headache tablet. Wow you had a good op shop day, funny how you can spend time looking for an object and then find two on the same day. I had a few ocassions like that, with tea cup stands……I searched for ages and then struck the motherload and found three….Really enjoyed reading your blog. Loved your narnia inspired workstation…..very funky.

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